Meet The Team

The Practice Yoga teaching team is a group of individuals who are passionate about life and embody the tools they have gained through yoga. They will guide you through a physical practice leaving you inspired and uplifted.  Practice Yoga will offer a wide variety of classes appropriate for all levels, including Power Vinyasa, Align, and Yin. The studio also offers regular workshops and teacher trainings.


Brittany Price first stepped on her yoga mat in 2014 during her college years and has been passionate about the practice ever since. Yoga helped Brittany discover what was next for her life during a period of time where she felt a loss of direction. The tools she gained through yoga have given her access to living an empowered life that is filled with purpose and gratitude. She is always a student of yoga, and is grateful to share the gifts of yoga with others. The practice of yoga has moved her from going through the motions of life, to living life openly and fully alive.

Brittany creates a space in her classes where students can show up and be in full natural self expression. She welcomes her students to show up just as they are, creating a space where students of all levels feel supported and safe. Brittany delivers a class that is both powerful and light hearted, as she uses inspiration and tools from her own life to create opportunity for her students to discover their own inner strength both on and off their mat.

Brittany completed her first RYT 200 hour training in 2016 led by Debi Grilo and completed her second RYT 200 hour training with Debi in 2019. She has worked with using yoga as a tool in the recovery community, has taught yoga to local sports teams, as well as privates and open classes. She is fiercely committed to uplifting those around her and is in awe of witnessing the moments in life where people discover their greatness. Brittany enjoys spending her days practicing yoga and being outside with her baby and her dog, nights laughing and connecting with friends and family, and has a never ending love for learning and growth.

Jennifer’s yoga practice has grounded her in the present, through breath and movement. Over the years her mat has been home to both challenge and sanctuary, and a place to connect with herself and others. Her practice continues to be a transformational process that has taught her how to take her practice off her mat. The practice of yoga has given has the opportunity to be for and part of the amazing, evolving Practice Yoga community!

Jennifer teaches yoga to connect with others and share the life-changing transformative power she has found in this practice, and as an opportunity to be of service to each and every. Students can expect a practice encouraging them to meet themselves where they are with curiosity, openness and humor!

Jennifer completed her 200 Hour yoga teacher certification in 2010 with Debi Grilo, and is working toward my 500 hour certification. She has completed Level I and Art of Assisting with Baron Baptiste, and has also studied with David Swenson, Seane Corne, Patricia Walden, Rodney Yee, Jason Crandell and others over the years; “there is such diversity and so much to learn.”

Jennifer’s personal passion is teaching yoga to at risk communities, including those impacted by alcohol and drug addiction. She has taught for local treatment centers for many years, and recently completed certification in teaching Outreach Yoga, with a focus on inclusion of all who have experienced trauma.

Jennifer is also talented Interior Designer in Naples, having contributed to the design plan of Practice Yoga, for over 20 years, with a degree in Interior Design and Florida state certification. As wise and lovely friend recently observed, both her vocation and avocation are opportunities to affect the environment people live inside.

Laura’s yoga practice began a decade ago when she experienced a great loss – she had been in the fitness industry for 19 years at that point and loved teaching fitness classes and being a part of her fitness community yet there was something missing while she was grieving. She went to her first Baptiste Class in Jan 2009 as part of her New Year’s intention and she felt something within her that in all the years of teaching Aerobics and Spinning she had not been able to access. She had done yoga before through the years and enjoyed it yet the heat and energy created in the Baptiste sequence truly brought her a deeper connection to her essence. She felt more alive than she had in a long time. Her practice continued to develop and she eventually went through teacher training and became a certified yoga teacher. Her path in yoga has helped her live her life with a deeper and more meaningful purpose that continues to evolve on and off the yoga mat. She cannot imagine her life without this beautiful and life changing practice.

Laura’s classes create an atmosphere for mindfulness and connection to the body and breath. She teaches her students about becoming attuned to how to feel and listen to one’s body – not only the physical body but the energetic one as well. She invites her students to connect to their inner source and be open to receive the gifts that yoga can bring. She enjoys teaching a variety of classes that include Gentle, Yin, Restorative, Hatha, and Power Yoga. Her hope for her students is that they leave feeling better then when they arrived as well as inspired, restored and ignited.

Laura has been married to her husband Michael for 21 years and they have four beautiful children - Julia, Adam, Phillip and Sophia. She is a certified E-RYT200 Yoga Teacher with yoga alliance and has completed her Reiki 2 training. She is lifetime certified with Madd Dog Spinning and held her AFAA certification for over 20 years. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, English Literature and a minor in Fine Art. She enjoys cooking, gardening and studying the healing arts. When not doing yoga she loves being outdoors, and staying active with her family in all their activities.

“Inner peace is a practice and taking the time to get quiet and listen to one’s breath and feel the body respond to the poses creates an opportunity to feel a deeper connection to our body, mind and spirit.”

Why do you #PracticeYoga?

As a recovering perfectionist, I practice yoga to keep me sane! Yoga is the practice that grounds me, calms me, connects me, and opens me up to the path I want to create. As I practice, I gain a broader perspective about myself and the world around me, which allows me to connect more deeply to myself, others, and my community.

Why do you teach?

I love to teach because I have an opportunity to remind myself and students just how incredible this life can be when we take the time to connect and be in the practice of showing up as our best selves moment by moment.

What are your grateful for?

I am grateful for so many things and believe that being in the practice of gratitude profoundly impacts my life. I am most grateful for my family, especially my husband (Jimbo) and my super duper fun and loving kiddos (Maya and Micah.)

What/Who inspires you?

 I am so inspired by passionate, gritty, resilient people who live their lives in a way that reflects their highest ideals. I am inspired by the wonders of nature (especially mountain gorillas)! I am inspired by people who live their truth, who are gracious, compassionate, and kind. Brian Johnson, Deepak Chopra, Jane Goodall and Tiffany Cruikshank are some amazing teachers who continue to inspire me on and off my mat.

What can students expect from you as a teacher?

 A fun and sweaty flow class! Yoga is a practice that can shape how you feel, the kind of day you have, and the person you are! I love to create a space and practice that inspires each student to show up as their best version in THAT moment and set the foundation for a masterpiece day. One masterpiece day after another leads to a masterpiece life!

Who are your teachers and what training have you completed? Certifications? Education? Other professions?

I graduated with a BA in Anthropology from the University of Georgia. I am ERYT 500 and have completed 4 different 200hr Teachers Trainings as well as one 500hr Teacher Training. My 200hr trainings include: Living Yoga Program, YogaWorks, BV Yoga and Baptiste. I am also a Baptiste Certified teacher. I love to learn and am always looking for ways to deepen my knowledge and learn new skills for all areas of my life.

Teaching yoga has given Sue the ability to give back what she has learned through the practice of yoga, and also the opportunity to stretch and grow in her own life. Teaching students how to move, breathe and “be”, continuously reinforces that when we show up on our mats with an open mind/heart, anything is possible no matter what our circumstances are. Sue took her first yoga class in 2000, and immediately felt the mind/body connection that yoga offers. This has been a gamechanger for Sue, and it keeps her coming back to the mat.

Yin, Yinyasa, Gentle, Align & Flow and Power are among the styles of yoga which Sue teaches at Practice Yoga Naples. When you take Sue’s classes, you can expect a very welcoming and supportive environment, with a lot of variety and opportunities to learn something new about your practice and yourself in a very powerful way. There is always room for laughter in Sue’s classes, and letting go of the need to be too serious.

Sue became a RYT 200 (Yoga Alliance) yoga teacher in 2015, and has recently become E-RYT-200 certified. In 2019, Sue is working towards her RYT-500 Teacher Certification, as she is always looking for opportunities to expand her knowledge, and be “in the work” of this practice. When Sue is not teaching, working in the family business, or on her mat, you will find her spending time with family, getting together with friends, cooking, drinking coffee, reading, listening to personal development podcasts or finding a creative project to embark upon.

Aleksandra’s yoga mat is her home where she always welcomes to experience all of life, successes as much as challenges. It’s her “magic carpet” where all of her deepest dreams come alive. It’s a place where she can easily re-commit to never give up and keep going forward confidently thriving for truth and freedom not only for her but also for everyone else’s life. She feels a strong sense of belonging when connected to her incredible like-minded yoga community which makes her feel supported, motivated, and unstoppable!

Her mission is to ignite self-discovery and raise consciousness. As a yoga teacher, she shares inspiration and encourages students to come out of their comfort zone by recognizing their own potential. She will challenge you and at the same time support you with love and guidance creating a safe space of no judgement.

She deeply cares about health, nutrition, and wellbeing of all beings and that of our planet. She promotes plant-powered food, cruelty- & toxic-free lifestyle. As a transformational life, health and brand coach, accountant, she helps many mission-driven entrepreneurs or individuals who are looking to align with their innate power by addressing their limiting beliefs, mindset, confidence, fear, vision, and plan for success. She works with Midtown Miami Magazine providing content for their wellness section. As s a leader, she unites community by creating fun-filled events and speaking engagements. Since completing Reiki Master certification she learned to trust her intuitive intelligence and will encourage you to do the same. Her many loves in the nutshell: me time, dancing, yoga, writing, reading, tea, coffee, being surrounded by friends, being surrounded by strangers, being outside in nature, and palm trees.

Christina loves that her yoga practice has opened her up to such deep connections with a community of people rich in love, life, friendships, support and accountability. She has always been very active and enjoys the physicalness of yoga, in addition to the emotional growth she has experienced through her practice, discovering that we are all so much more alike than different and that there are many right answers.

"In this moment, I am more grounded, accepting, patient than I’ve ever been. That said…I teach and practice w/ the intention to share, and pay forward what I’ve become so passionate about. That is yoga!”

Students can count on Christina to guide them through a challenging physical practice with clear alignment, while they laugh and have fun. Christina shows up authentically in and out of the studio, has a big personality and uses it to motivate her students and bring them to their edge.

Christina has been in the fitness industry since 1989, with certifications in group classes & personal training. Christina completing her first 200hr Teacher Training in 2012 and 200 hours of her 500 hour certification with Debi Grilo, Baptiste Level 1 and Art of assisting, and several additional workshops. Yoga, teaching and practice, are a commitment she embraces.

"I am grateful to be a part of the Practice Yoga team & have the honor to be, live & work amongst my fellow teachers and yogis. This practice has given me joy and been a savior in dark challenges in my life. FEAR: Face Everything And Rise”

Jennifer approaches life with the adage - do what you love, love what you do. If you peek into Jennifer’s life you will find her doing yoga in front of the fireplace with her husband, singing made up songs to her two dogs, cooking fresh fabulous food, discovering yoga studios all over the world and encouraging others to be the healthiest, happiest versions of themselves. When Jennifer teaches yoga or practices yoga her best self emerges and she aligns herself with attributes of strength, grace, kindness, courage and compassion. If you ask her why she teaches yoga she will tell you that “encouraging others” to step into their greatest selves is her natural born gift.

While participating in one of Jennifer’s yoga classes you can expect to challenge your body, engage your mind and open your heart. Jennifer will invite you to connect in with yourself and with the fellow yogi’s in the studio space to create a sense of deep community and belonging. In Jennifer’s classes you will learn tools to empower not only your yoga practice but also your life.

The foundation for Jennifer’s way of being comes from her life experiences as a Registered Nurse, yoga studio owner for eleven years, and as television host for the regional show, In the kitchen with Jennifer, The Fit Foodie. Jennifer is a 500 hour EYT and 500 hour Baptiste Certified Instructor. She is a Regional Director for the Baptiste Institute and leads yoga trainings and assists programs nationwide. Jennifer is an avid student, she is committed to growth and extraordinary living.

Why do you #PracticeYoga?

Life is crazy! My days are busy, chaotic even. But isn't everyones? Yoga is the vehicle I use to truly move inward. Yoga is where I quiet my mind, create stillness in my world, reflect and grow. Yoga is where peace finds me.

Why do you teach?

I am returning to teaching after a 7 year hiatus. During this break is where I REALLY began my yoga journey. It took me leaving my physical practice for a bit to find my true yoga. I've grown so much and have a deeper connection to my spiritual self. So much so, that I feel the universe is calling on me to share my experiences and personal development in order to help others grow and learn.

What are your grateful for?

This page is not big enough for my list of gratitudes. But here are just a few. I am so grateful for my greatest teachers, my daughter Alexa (7 years old) who has taught me patience and acceptance and for my daughter Kyra (3 years old) who has taught me that there is joy in every moment if you are open to it. I am grateful for the love and unwavering support of my husband. Im grateful for the unconditional love from my parents.

What/Who inspires you?

 This is always a hard question for me because if we are talking about people, I dont have a single name that comes to mind. It's a person's actions that inspire me. They show strength and determination. They are passionate. They illustrate personal exploration and growth. They are committed to greatness. They are in service to other. They are happy. They LIVE their truth. Outside of people, I always find my greatest moments of inspiration come from time that I took to actually "pause" so that means quiet, alone time where I am truly present. And finally, I cannot forget the mountains. They move me.

What can students expect from you as a teacher

 Authenticity. I dont speak fluent sanskrit and I don't want to. I am no expert in arm balances but I sure think they are fun to explore and celebrate. I love alignment and I most definitely will assist in postures because I know how delicious a pose can feel when a simple adjustment is made. I will hold a space for everyone that is positive, light and fun. I will show up and be myself, transparent and with flaws because I'm learning that perfect is boring and takes way too much energy. I will guide, encourage and teach from a place of love and acceptance.

Debi Grilo has been the driving force in the creation and building of South Florida’s yoga community since 1997 as a teacher and leader. She was first introduced to yoga in 1986 and has been a committed yogi ever since. As the lead instructor of both 200 and 500 hour Yoga Alliance approved trainings, she has trained hundreds of yoga teachers, and has a solid foundation in both alignment and vinyasa styles of yoga, as well as her masters degree in Clinical Social Work. Her depth of knowledge in traditional yoga asana and philosophy, combined with her understanding of how the body and mind work, make her classes and trainings a complete experience for the practitioner.

As a student in Debi’s class, expect a physical practice where you will be challenged, educated, and empowered. She masterfully creates a class that incorporates clear powerful instruction, demonstration and physical assists that will land you in your body and breathe, so that you have an embodied experience of your yoga practice. Debi is deeply connected and creates a conversation while she teaches, using what is happening in the room or her life as a metaphor for universal truth and inspiration.

“It is my purpose to raise the consciousness of the planet. To offer tools that give access to the unlimited possibility of each individual to manifest their deepest desires, and allow them to be their Greatest Self.”

Debi is committed to having a positive impact on the community. She supports many non-profit organizations both locally and globally. Her major influencers have been Baron Baptiste and Wayne Dyer, and she is inspired by life, seeing people live fearlessly in full natural self expression. Debi is married, has 2 daughters, loves to travel, paddle board, walk in the early morning, and watching wildlife.

For Laurie, the practice of yoga offers her a space for self-reflection, the practice of self-love, kindness, self-compassion, continued growth and self-awareness. In a somewhat hectic world, Laurie finds that being consistent in creating optimal changes in her health, mind, body, and spirit, takes practice- her yoga practice opens her up to the possibility of connecting to what already is - who she is today and who she is yet to be. She continues to be a student while teaching; using real life connection through love and laughter. The joy that Laurie receives from yoga is exactly the reason behind the why she teaches. Laurie leads by example, holding space for those in the community with integrity, vulnerability and authenticity.

In her classes, Laurie will share what she continues to learn with her students, clients and community with hope to inspire each and every one of them to create the changes necessary to live a healthy and happy lifestyle. She provides tools that students can take into their everyday life. She is passionate about sharing the practice and her connection to this community. Yoga gives her and her students the opportunity for growth and empowerment each and every day.

Laurie has been in the health and fitness industry for the past 23 years and it was through her own personal journey that she discovered her passion for wellness. Over the years she found herself more focused on educating herself to be more effective in helping her clients and students to overcome any limitations they may be experiencing from injury, accidents, surgery and/or illness. She herself has experienced painful limitations from an automobile accident that kept her from living the lifestyle she enjoys. Laurie refused to believe that surgery and pain medications were the only ways to alleviate that pain and bring back her quality of life. She continues to research and try on new ways to eliminate chronic pain and to be healthier, happier and stronger.

Michelle Ploog has been a nationally recognized yoga teacher for over 13 years, certified in Baptiste Yoga, Kripalu Yoga, Fluid Power Vinyasa, and Restorative Yoga. She began practicing as a teenager and has since evolved into co-developing and facilitating Yoga Teacher Trainings in multiple locations. Her expertise in fitness as an ACE certified personal trainer, years as sports-specific yoga teacher/ fitness trainer for the FL Everblades, and experience as a Wellness Coach, influence her dynamic approach to yoga.

In Michelle’s class you’ll be guided to self-discovery and awareness in a fun and energizing environment. You’ll experience a freedom to play and explore while revelations and transformations inspire your forward progress. You’ll leave clearer, more open, and empowered to embrace your fullest potential.

“Imagine freeing yourself from years of pain and suffering of trying to be something that you aren't. Imagine stepping into your fullest potential with the confidence created from loving your truest self. Imagine being comfortable in your skin without ever comparing yourself to anyone else. It’s possible.” - Michelle Ploog

A creatress at heart, Michelle was the developer of the Beyond Belief Walk for Peace and the Wholistic Health & Wellness group coaching program for Breaking Free, a non-profit that helps victims of sex-trafficking have a new chance at life. When she’s not at yoga, she’s experimenting with new healthy baking ideas while dancing around the kitchen. You can often find her utilizing her BFA in creative writing as a blogger and poet. She spends her time between Minneapolis and Naples throughout the year, and considers her partner Dan and their fur babies Dallas and Kitty her true home.

Tania’s interest in the yogic lifestyle began in her late teens. The spiritual practice of yoga gained her attention and generated curiosity of what yoga is on all levels. As Tania grew into a more spiritual sense of Self and her practice, her love and connection to her mat and the physicality of the practice did as well. She had always dreamt of being a yoga instructor. In 2015 Tania enrolled in Yoga Teacher Training and has embraced the gifts she has to offer.

Tania’s intention as a teacher is to bring her students back home into their body, conscious of breath, and in alignment with the power that resides within, while expanding their awareness and opening their hearts to themselves and their yoga practice. By consciously using the breath, Tania helps her students invite prana and presence into their space. Tania is inspired to share the positive effects yoga has had on her life in hopes of awakening these gifts in her students. She is fully committed to holding space where her students can feel a sense of calm, peace, and serenity while bathing in their stillness. Tania’s inspiration for her classes and her students comes from her dedication to her own practice on and off her mat.

Tania has two beautiful teenage boys, who light up her heart and remind her of all that she is grateful for. She loves nature, taking long walks, scenic bike rides, and visiting the beach regularly. She loves to rollerblade, take barre class, dance and often times just relax and get cozy at home. Tania enjoys Reiki, has completed two Yin Yoga trainings, and loves teaching Yin, Gentle and Meditation. Tania is the retail manager at Practice Yoga and beautifying the retail space. She recently graduated from a 200 hour Baptiste inspired Yoga Teacher Training here at Practice Yoga and holds an intention to expand what is possible for her as she continues to employ the nuggets of knowledge she continues to learn and soak up daily.