Daily Yoga Classes

Practice Yoga is proud to offer 40 yoga classes a week led by our experienced team of instructors. Yoga classes include: Power, Align & Flow, Gentle, Therapeutic, Yin and more!


Deepen your practice with our specialized workshops. All Practice Yoga workshops are carefully designed to break down postures with a skilled set of technique and instruction. All workshops will take you on a journey of mind and body, leaving you feeling empowered and accomplished.

Private Yoga

Take your yoga practice to the next level with one-on-one or group private yoga classes. Onsite and offsite private classes available.

Corporate Yoga

Practice Yoga offers the ultimate team building activity for your workplace - yoga! Colleagues will bond through a curated yoga class that will leave everyone ready to tackle work with a clear mind and limber body.


Find out about Self-Discovery Coaching and Therapy with Debi Grilo at debigrilo.com

Thai Assisted Yoga

These one on one personal yoga sessions are designed for you get all the benefits of the yoga pose without any of the work. The Thai Teacher will support you in specific yoga postures while you allow your body to completely melt into the pose, stretch deeper, and experience compete relaxation. 

Foundation Training

The Primary Principles of Posture Alignment Therapy through Foundation Training are not only to improve coordination and alleviate chronic pain. This practice will encourage proper movement of the human body by integrating the posterior chain and the anterior chain muscles through tension and decompression.  The body will then naturally be supported structurally allowing for all of our movements to become stronger in ANY physical activity. Watch the video below to learn more about Foundation Training: