To create a powerful community through the practice of yoga built on integrity, connection and empowerment. 


Practice Yoga believes that yoga gives us access to being and experiencing our greatest selves. We offer students the opportunity to be on their mats, in self discovery, developing the tools to live powerfully in body, mind and spirit. We are a holistic studio, with personalized service and passionate experienced teachers, that is committed to uplifting the community.

Who We Are

Practice Yoga is committed to delivering the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of yoga. “People discover themselves on their yoga mats. They see their strengths and weaknesses. And as they cultivate mastery of self on their mats, they create mastery in all areas of their lives.”

The Practice Yoga teaching team is a group of individuals who are passionate about life and embody the tools they have gained through yoga. They will guide you through a physical practice leaving you inspired and uplifted.  Practice Yoga offers a wide variety of classes appropriate for all levels, including Power Vinyasa, Align, and Yin. The studio also offers regular workshops and teacher trainings.