As We All Know, Life Is A Constant Flow


Dear Practice Yoga Community,

The content of this letter is bittersweet for me. As we all know life is in constant flow, things change, and people move in and out of our lives. This letter is about just that.

Mollie, our studio manager, is resigning and will be  moving to Kentucky at the end of the school year with her family. Mollie and I have worked together since 2007. Together we have grown professionally and personally and I have the utmost respect, admiration, and love for her. The success of Practice Yoga is in large part due to her business acumen, commitment, way of being, and leadership. This team, studio and community are thriving because of her contribution. On a personal note, I could not have gotten through the past year without Mollie. When my daughter was diagnosed with cancer in August, Mollie stepped into full ownership for the studio. I am beyond grateful for her friendship, support, and love.  Mollie will continue to teach through the spring so be sure to come to the studio and take Mollie’s yoga classes to soak up all of Mollie's awesomeness.

Jennifer Wright will be stepping into the role of Studio Director. Jennifer and I first met when she took my class in 2008, while she was on vacation in Naples. Since that first meeting, Naples has been a regular destination for Jennifer and her husband, John. Jennifer owned a thriving studio in Fort Wayne, Indiana until 2017. Since that time Jennifer has been working as a Regional Director for The Baptiste Power Yoga Institute. Jennifer has immense integrity, is an inspiring leader with sharp business skills, and a great yoga teacher. She has been a friend, confidant, and sounding board for me over the past several years. Jennifer will be on the schedule beginning this week. Please join us in welcoming her to our community.

For you, the Practice Yoga student, you will continue to experience a welcoming environment where a powerful community is created through the practice of yoga built on integrity, connection and empowerment.

See you on your mat!

Debi Grilo

Debi Grilo