Welcome To The Community!

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Dear Yogis,

Welcome to the Practice Yoga Community. I have been moved beyond measure and thank you for the outpouring of support and excitement around Practice Yoga. Practice Yoga has been a dream of mine probably longer than I was aware, but really started to form around a year ago as a possibility, not just for me, but for our yoga community.

The concept of practice has been more present for me in the past few years. I have been aware of the impact it has when I am committed to my practice on and off my mat, and when I am not. We are never one down dog and done. The tools we develop on our mat are useless if we do not put them into action. There is no mastery of the practice, mastery is in the practice. Yoga has given me the tools to live my life powerfully and with intention, and I am excited to share them with you.

Yoga has also given me the gift of community.  I look forward to strengthening our community as we create Practice Yoga together. Practice Yoga will provide a platform for each of us to experience yoga as lived, to connect, empower, and transform, to be our greatest selves and manifest our deepest dreams.  

Each of the Practice Yoga teachers are on this team because they have inspired me as living examples of yoga in action. We invite each of you to join us, unroll your mat, breathe deep, connect, and Practice Yoga.

In Love & Gratitude,
Debi Grilo

Debi Grilo